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What kind of philgeps training is there?

Following the recent training announcements of PhilGEPS, interested participants have been inquiring about the details of the activities, particularly the Modernized PhilGEPS' End-to-End Process Online Training and the Annual Procurement Plan Module Training.

What is philgeps and how does it work?

PhilGEPS is a single, centralized online portal that serves as the primary and definitive source of information on government procurement. It was created to automate the procurement process, avoid confusion, increase bidding efficiency, and ensure transparency in government contracts. How does PhilGEPS work?

How much does philgeps membership cost?

Once the membership is paid for and approved, you also get a Certificate of PhilGEPS Registration. This certificate must be presented to procuring entities whenever you enter into a bid. Platinum membership costs PHP 5,000 annually and is renewable through the website. Once expired, your status goes back to a Red Membership.

How do I submit a bid to philgeps?

PhilGEPS will send you the approval or rejection notification via email within 24 business hours. You may also view the PhilGEPS 2022 video guide on how to register. PhilGEPS Platinum Membership is an annual membership that lets you submit bids directly on the PhilGEPS portal.

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