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How did the WPC 2016 reach the world?

The WPC 2016, in an effort to include the global community and to reach as many people as possible about the Congress, built a community of 194 Organizational Partners (OPs) from 45 countries around the world to help support and promote the WPC 2016. These OPs were true allies in our effort to reach the broadest community.

Who is the WPC 2016 leadership?

The WPC 2016 Leadership, filled seats on seven committees and came from 27 countries. They represented all areas of Parkinson's including researchers, clinicians, rehab specialists, people with Parkinson's and care partners and others.

What is the scientific program for the WPC 2016?

The scientific program for the WPC 2016 began with three pre-congress educational courses that were designed and planned by the WPC Program Committee. The courses were designed for three different audiences and each room was filled to capacity. Here's a summary of the three courses:

How many people attended the World Parkinson Congress 2016?

The 4th World Parkinson Congress in Portland Oregon was a huge success with over 4,550 attendees from 67 countries. The breakdown of WPC 2016 delegates included: - 2,284 People with Parkinson, their care partners and family members - 757 Rehabilitation specialists, nurses, and non-profit employees

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