Types of Restaurant Samples 

There are many types of resumes that you can submit along with a cover letter for employment opportunities. Chronological, combination, functional, and targeted resumes are a few types of resumes that you can use to apply for a job. These resumes are used for different kinds of purposes. Each type of resume samples can be found online to help you choose the right format for the job interview. 

Chronological Resume

Chronological resumes are structured to show previous work experience starting from the most current position you held and to the oldest job you had in chronological order. Most companies favor chronological resumes because it is easy to identify the candidate’s work history the duration of the job. This kind of resume is the most popular format. This template is best for individuals with a stable work history. If you are an entry-level worker or switching job industries, this may not be the best resume style for you. 

Functional Resume

Functional resumes concentrate on skills and experiences instead of chronological employment history. Rather than starting with your previous employment in the top portion of your resume, you would have an achievements or experiences section which shows the organization skills you have acquired during your time in a specific industry. 

Functional resumes are frequently used by individuals who are making the switch to a new career path or individuals with breaks in employment. Functional resumes are perfect for entry-level candidates. This style of resume focuses on the individual’s skills instead of past employment letting the company know that they are a viable candidate for the job. 

Combination Resume

Combination resumes fuse components from chronological resumes and functional resumes. The first portion of the resume is a record of the individual’s skills or qualifications and below the skills are the previous work experiences. The work history is not the central focus of a combination resume and does not take up the bulk of the resume

Chronological resumes spotlight relevant skills that can be used for the position applied for in addition to giving the company the employment history. Most employers focus on the candidate’s work history even if the candidate does not have a lot of experience in their field. 


Resumes with Profiles 

Resumes with a profile segment have a brief review of the candidate’s experiences, intentions, and skills that are relevant to the job position. The review is only a few sentences in length and helps the applicant market themselves to the employer. 

Profiles are suitable for most candidates. Individuals with a vast employment background can briefly explain their experiences to the company, or those with very little job experience can help you focus on the skills you possess. 

Targeted Resume

Targeted resumes are crafted to focus on pertinent experiences and skills related to the job position you are applying for. Targeted resumes take a little more work than other kinds of resumes, but they are worth it. Targeted resumes are perfect for candidates applying to jobs that complement their goals, skills, and experiences.