The famous slots pg: Wild Bounty Showdown

Hey, do you like pg slot games? If not, then try once. You will love the different variety of games present there. Slots pg is very famous for providing an online gambling experience. It has several game options to play. One of the most popular pg slot games is Wild Bounty Showdown. It is an interesting game that will excite you. If you don’t know about the Wild Bounty Showdown game, then keep reading this article. In this article, we will discuss the Wild Bounty Showdown and how it is to be played. Thus, let’s discuss the famous pg slot game:

What Wild Bounty Showdown game is all about?

  • The game Wild Bounty Showdown has a similar theme as of the character from The Wire: Omar Little. Omar little has robbed the dealers of the drug. The game of Wild Bounty Showdown is revolving around Cass. Cass is a girl and she is a tough gunslinging girl. She used to rob the bandits. She enters a town of crystal in the game. She ambushes a gang of bank robbers. The bank robbers have split their loot of gold bars in an cellar.
  • It is a game that is full of actions in almost every stage. You will be getting a doubling multiplier that can increment all the stages up to x1024, through cascading wins. Some symbols are golden framed for helping you out. In the beginning, the multiplier stays at x8 as a bonus. In the Wild West genre, it is a hard and highly entertaining game among players.
  • If we talk about the RTP of Wild Bounty, then it is 96.75%. It means that it has one of the highest RTP among the popular pg slot games. It is a highly volatile game. Fluctuations can be expected in your bankroll after a long period. People usually want to know how much they can win in Wild Bounty Showdown. Well, one can win up to 5000x their stake. It can be achieved through stimulated spins of 1 billion.
  • In the beginning, there are at least 10 spins that are free for you. Then you can have a progressive spin through the winning multiplier. The winning multiplier starts at x8 per spin. You can win the game through 3000x ways. The grid of the game is 3-4-5-5-4-3. You can play Wild Bounty Showdown for free too if you don’t want to play with real money.

A Review of Wild Bounty Showdown game:

In the game, there is a bandit who steals  other bandits. It reminds people of Omar Little, the character from The Wire. When the doubling win multiplier is combined with golden framed symbols then the overall game becomes enough wild you to hang on the player. What’s more interesting and beneficial is that you get an x8 starting multiplier that is free per spin. The Cascading mechanic eliminate winning symbols that allowing new and existing symbols to drop down for filling the gaps. This will be repeated until you keep winning.