How playing video games can help your health?

Our world is now filled with video game lovers or also known as gamers. In this recent era, the gaming industry is kind of a whole another universe. Still, there are many people, especially parents are worried about the effects of video games on their kid’s life. Yes, it isn’t wise to spend all of your time playing games which can become addictive but if you monitor your timing and control your urge while maintaining a healthy daily life, there is no harm in playing.

According to studies, since the simple arcade titles of 1970, video games have come a long way. The video game industry has become complex, challenging, and ambitious. It is proved that now the benefits of playing these video games go beyond entertainment. They are crucially beneficial for anyone’s hand-eye coordination.

Video games have broadened their world and now they have even invented mobile versions of many games too. For example- GTA 5 apk apkhas come a long way and gained so much popularity among other levels of this game.

In this article, we will talk about how playing video games can benefit people.

Better surgeons

Research shows that surgeons who played video games for more than 3 hours every week, made 32% fewer mistakes during their surgical procedures compared to the non-gamers.

People with dyslexia can have help

There was one study that has shown that people with dyslexia could improve their reading condition after some following sessions of heave games action. Professionals believe that the reason behind this is the constantly changing environment of games that needs intense concentration.

Improved vision

Studies have shown, if a gamer play for 10 weeks in a row, he or she can show significant improvement in the eyes. Especially, if one of their eyes was having any issue.

You can become a better leader

By playing video games, many of you have to lead or become the decision-maker in a certain game. This kind of thing can make a change in someone’s personality and make him or her more confident in real life.

Kids will be more active

Games like basketball, tennis, or anything sports-related can make children more active in their day to day lives.

Slow down the aging process

Research shows that just 10 hours of playing led some cognitive patients to have an improvement that lasted for multiple years.

Pain can be eased

Playing games can produce a response named ‘analgesic response’ which means pain-killing in our higher cortical systems.

Social connections

People with the same interests in gaming can socially get connected in virtual form.

Patients with multiple sclerosis

A study has shown that MS patients that played games that require physical interaction while standing on board showed improved movement later.

Improved decision making skill

If you play fast-paced games, chances are you will be able to react to questions about images 25% faster than other non-players.

Reduce stress

According to a study, some gamers were tracked for six months and their heart rates were measured often. Some games could reduce the adrenaline response by over 50%.